Thieves bust through wall to break into bowling alley under construction

Police in Peachtree City are working to track down a group of thieves who stole thousands of dollars from a local business that hadn't even opened its doors yet.

James and Marilyn Royal are opening a new bowling alley in Aberdeen Village, but just last Monday, at around 1:30 in the morning, crooks cut their way into the building through a wall.

"It was an inside job, it had to be," said building owner, James Royal.

Royal said he couldn't believe the lengths the thieves went to to break into his bowling alley. "There's a stud here and a stud here, and I'm assuming they had boots on, and I think they just kicked the drywall right through," said Royal.

The Royals said they're now out about $15,000 after these theives stole 16 brand new TV's, power tools and supplies.

"I find out how much they cost, and I go 'Wow'...Almost $15,000 for 16 TV's," said Royal.

The couple said while this is a setback, it won't stop them from opening in the spring. The Royals said when the burglary happened, their security system wasn't installed, but now, it's up and running.

"We should've put the security equipment in once it showed up, but I really didn't think of it," said Royal. "I thought, 'Not in Peachtree City. Crime never happens down here.' But it's coming," said Royal.

Peachtree City Police are hoping to get surveillance from nearby businesses to get a better picture of the crooks because right now thery really don't have a solid description to go on. Anyone with information is urged to call officers immediately.