‘The Masked Singer’: Banana ‘Splits’ from the stage in latest reveal

It was a shocking split on Wednesday evening’s episode of "The Masked Singer," — and no, we’re not talking about relationships. 

The Banana Split duo was sent home in one fell ‘scoop.’ 

Singers and couple Katharine McPhee and David Foster were unveiled as the epic dessert after a long run in the competition. 

"I think it’s nice to share our relationship in this kind of way," McPhee said in an exit interview. "The show is amazing. We had a great experience." 

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While McPhee and Foster sang their hearts out, the show did come with its own challenge — including Foster’s battle with claustrophobia. 

"For me, I’m super claustrophobic, so I really wanted to conquer this mask thing," Foster revealed. "I got through it, and I think it may have helped me." 

Both Foster and McPhee commended the crew on the show and said they had a blast during their time on the competition. 

"The show is amazing. We had a great experience," McPhee said. 

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