Texas Rangers no longer investigating Galveston case

The Texas Rangers say they won't be investigating after a man was arrested with a rope in Galveston, sparking controversy.

This, however, is just one agency's investigation.

The Texas Rangers released the following statement saying in part: 

"The Texas Rangers conducted an inquiry, which has since been completed. The Rangers determined that there was nothing that warranted a criminal investigation."

A woman leaving Galveston Island took footage of two mounted officers leading Donald Neely to jail. They led him four blocks by a rope tied to his wrist. 

The Galveston Police Department said this was in line with department procedures. Officers are not allowed to dismount or place the subject on the horse with them. The same department changed the procedures after the incident.

The family is demanding that the police release body camera footage by September 15. Activists have started circulating flyers announcing a protest march.

The Galveston Sheriff's Office is conducting a review of department practices as related to the arrest. 

Neely's attorney has not responded to FOX 26's request for comment at this time.