Terrifying: Owner slept during alleged armed home burglary

In the surveillance video from Todd Billow's home, you see two masked men walking through a room, all while he was sleeping.

The first suspect in this armed home burglary, according to deputies, was a 14-year-old boy with his finger on the trigger of a hand gun.

"They are just young, obviously walked into the wrong house at the right time," Billow said, "so just thank God nobody's hurt!"

His car keys, electronics, money, even his Corvette was stolen.  Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said he thinks the two suspects worked with a few other friends and had plans to break into more homes, before they were caught.

Chitwood said, "You got a 14-year old entering a house... that's the way we enter a house when we serve a search warrant -- weapon out!"

Hours later the 14-year old and friend, 19-year-old Kelly Shaw, were both arrested at a motel down the street from the home thanks to the quick thinking of the Billow who tracked his stolen iPad Mini.

Deputies now think these two are responsible for at least eight other break-ins to cars and homes along the Volusia County Coast. Deputies say the two had four stolen guns with them during their arrest, believed to have been taken during other burglaries.

The sheriff is steaming mad that this 14-year old will not face adult charges.