Teens battling life-threatening illnesses attend prom

(WJBK) It was a special Prom night Saturday for some teens from all over Michigan -- dancing, smiling, laughing -- a night to celebrate instead of being sick.

"Just magical," said Destinee McEwen of the Detroit School of Arts. "I don't feel pretty all the time, so to be able to get dressed up and get my makeup done -- I just feel so excited, so happy."

This is the first year at Wish Upon a Teen's Evening of Dreams Prom, an event for teens whose medical condition, hospitalization or treatments prevents them from attending proms held at their schools, for McEwen, who is fighting stage three cardiac sarcoma -- cancer that's attacking her heart.

"To be able to sit here and dance and have fun and do things teenagers my age, we can't usually do because we're always sick but to be able to be here is awesome," McEwen said.

Her mentor and date for this big event thinks so, too.

"Celebrate Destinee - she's a fantastic piece of life," John Ambrose said.

But life has not been easy for these teens -- and for some -- this prom could be their only one.

"They're literally fighting for their lives right now - to be able to take a night and to get dressed up - and to be with their friends and just feel like a typical teenager means the world to them," said Michelle Soto, founder of Wish Upon a Teen. "For several of the kids that are here tonight, they're on end-of-life care and this will be the one and only celebration -- their one and only Prom."

All the more reason for the many volunteers here on this night to make it so very special.

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