Georgia teen struggles to find hair care product, develops her own

A Georgia high school student is taking her struggles with finding the right beauty products and turning them into her own business.

The Fayette County teenager just developed her own hair care product, a pre-shampoo detangler.

Lauren Hinson, 16, said her family was constantly wasting money on different products that didn't work to detangle her thick, curly hair.

That's when she decided to spend months carefully crafting a low-cost product that will detangle your hair without breakage and make washing it much easier.

"I created a pre-shampoo detangler that you use before you shampoo your hair in order to detangle your hair easier than if you were to just use conditioner and water," she explained.

The Whitewater High School sophomore began formulating her pre-shampoo detangler using ingredients from her parent's pantry and refrigerator.

"It's just not a lot out there as far as detanglers before," she said.

Even after months of experimenting and researching, Hinson's blend was still missing something.

"There were a lot of trial and error. There were a lot of oils I had to get rid of and experiment and put into the product," she described.

That’s when she found a chemist who helped perfect the formula, adding a preservative and fragrance to it.

"I wanted everything to be natural. I didn't want a lot of synthetic chemicals and she was well with that," she said.

The 16-year-old said prior to creating Head Full of Hair, she couldn't find much on the market that made running her fingers through her hair easy.

"Eventually, when I did find a conditioner that kind of helped, I was using half of the bottle for one wash and that got to be expensive."

Hinson said this is a struggle for so many girls.

"When my mom would do my hair, we'd be sitting downstairs for hours just her detangling my hair and I'm crying, and she's frustrated. So I want little girls out there to be able to have their hair, it not hurt so much when their parents are doing it."

The pre-shampoo detangler is available to purchase.

Hinson said her focus now is to develop more hair care products and get them into stores.

And, of course, school.

If you'd like to contact Hinson about the product, click here.

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