SWAT Standoff in College Park Ends

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An hours-long SWAT standoff in South Fulton County came to an end wait Wednesday night when SWAT officers stormed a house near the intersection of Old Bill Cook Road and Jerome Road in College Park. Fulton County Police officials said no one was injured during the standoff.

Investigator said the whole ordeal began after a man suspected in a Cobb County carjacking was followed it to the residence in College Park. When that suspect ran inside and barricaded himself behind the doors, the decision was made to call in the Swat team. For several hours negotiators attempted to get the suspect to give up peacefully; however, officers were forced to shoot teargas and flash bangs into the home and then make a forced entry.

The suspect was then arrested and taken to the Fulton County Jail for questioning. At this point police are unable to say what that suspect will be charged with.