Student with Autism Crowned Hiram's Homecoming King

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He has been a student athlete since 6th grade, is beloved by his classmates, and was crowned this past Friday night as his school's homecoming king. Ryan Tomberlin has never let any challenge stop him.

Ryan's mother, Stacey, said he has Autism and almost lost his life 14 months ago when he had a seizure and nearly drowned in his grandmother's pool. He was in a medically induced coma.

She said his first thought when he woke up was rejoining the varsity football team at Hiram High School as their manager.

Stacey said she is just so overwhelmed with how the community embraced him over the last 14 years. She thanks God for them every day for making her and her son feel at home.

Friday, the community paid him the ultimate compliment by making him homecoming king. Stacey shared photos and video of the crowning ceremony during the game. She said she is extremely proud of his accomplishments.

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