Well-known Atlanta crosswalk defaced by street racers for a second time

Atlanta Police are investigating after street racers defaced an iconic intersection for the second time.

Videos show drivers burning rubber at 10th Street and Piedmont Road in Midtown and defacing the rainbow flag intersection. This comes days after it was restored from a similar event the weekend before.

Brandon Jovon Stephens works nearby and recorded cell phone video.


Cell phone video shows street racers burning rubber at a well-known intersection in Midtown Atlanta.  (FOX 5 Atlanta)

"I saw it and it was crazy. It happens all the time and it’s going to happen tonight," Stephens said.


Raquel Croston and her friend Marielle Perry told FOX 5 they are fed up with the dangerous driving.

Midtown Atlanta residents were shocked street racers defaced the popular intersection a second time after the cross walk was restored. (FOX 5 Atlanta)

"It’s disappointing because someone came out and cleaned this last weekend and that’s what really makes me mad. They saw it upset people and people care about the crosswalks and they still came out and destroyed them for a second time," Croston said.

Croston's friend Marielle Perry went on to say, "The sound and tires defacing art. Is it worth what you’re doing just to have fun."

Atlanta police said the drivers were no longer on the scene once officers arrived Saturday night.

Video shows the drivers covered their license plates in an effort to make them harder to be tracked.

"It’s kind of rude. I don’t get what the motive is," Emily Orama said.

The question that has many divided: is this targeted towards the LGBT community?

"I just think it’s on purpose. I feel they know the area and they know it’s gay people trying to have fun and they do this," One man said.

"I think it’s everywhere. It happens on the west end. It happens in Decatur. It happens everywhere," Stephens said.

"Is having fun worth defacing something that means something to so many people," Croston said.

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating. Anyone with information about the incidents should contact police. Tipsters may remain anonymous.