Sophisticated, multi-state serial burglar thwarted by simple camera setup, police say

Police in Peachtree City say they have arrested a big-time serial burglar after a security camera caught the guy in the act and alerted the homeowner on his mobile phone.

Police say Cardale Jones is a pro, what they call a second-story man who is wanted by at least three departments in metro Atlanta, and as far away as Texas and Louisiana. They say here, police will clear more than a dozen home burglaries, some as old as two years.

Investigators say he cases the homes he steals from, waits for homeowners to go on vacation. He is patient, methodical, and prolific, targeting pricey neighborhoods in Peachtree City, Fayette County, also Johns Creek. But police say he got nabbed by an inexpensive smart camera and app; a vote of confidence for these types of inexpensive home security systems. Peachtree City Police say when they got to the home, they found him on the floor in a front room with nowhere to run.

Police say if you are thinking about getting one of those inexpensive internet home security cameras, do it.

Many police officers say they’ve got them for their homes. So, it is what the pros use. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install and apparently work, which Cardale Jones might agree with.