Sinkhole nightmare growing at Marietta condo complex

Residents of the Bently Ridge Condominiums in Cobb County are still dealing with a sinkhole that has been growing for nearly three weeks. Dozens of resident are having to walk a long way to their units to avoid it since the road remains closed off.

Curtis Williams’ mom lives at the complex. He says the sinkhole has caused her a lot of stress. The walk to her unit has been tough on her.

"I kind of got sad a little bit because she was actually crying on the phone like hey I’m hurting I’m hurting I’m gonna have to keep going around the stairs I don’t know where to go I don’t know if I’m gonna have to move they don’t have no hope," Williams said.

The sinkhole has grown substantially since it was first discovered earlier in March. A makeshift path residents made is now closed off, and the new one is much further away.

"She has to pick my sister up from school she has to go make her errands for the house so just imagine she has to leave come all the way down come all the way around the trail and come here probably about two to three times a day," Williams said.

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A sinkhole continues to grow with no fix in sight at the Bently Ridge Condominiums in Cobb County on March 31, 2023. (FOX 5)

FOX 5 spoke with Dawn Hardy who oversees the complex’s HOA. She says they have hired a project manager and construction crew and are working on getting the necessary paperwork to the county to get the sinkhole fixed. She says that’s taken time, and they don’t know how much longer it will take.

Williams says her his mom and other residents, he hopes a solution comes sooner rather than later

"I’ve just been praying. I’ve just been praying it don’t get worse because we don’t know what’s to happen, so I just pray it don’t get worse," Williams explained.