'Savage' gas station beating caught on camera in Senoia

Senoia Police say witnesses and Facebook posts helped them identify Steven Howard as the man who they say "savagely" beat another man waiting in the checkout line of a convenience store. 

According to police, Howard arrived at the store in a Ford 150 pickup drive by a woman. The woman reportedly recognized a man who had entered th store as a person who had been arrested by police for attacking her. 

After Howard went into the store to check the man out, he confirmed his identity with the woman. He then re-entered the store and began beating him, police say. 

Police say that’s not how the law works and a 78-year-old innocent woman in the store got caught up in the fight and suffered injuries.

Police say they identified Howard from Facebook posts. Initially, he was on the run and refused to surrender. He was arrested by Columbus Police during a recent traffic stop and is currently in the Troup County Jail. He was charged with the aggravated battery of man and battery on the elderly woman.

Police say that Howard claims the guy deserved it because of the previous domestic violence incident. 

Senoia Police Chief Jason Edens thanks the U.S. Marshals and the Troup County Sheriff’s Office who assisted in the investigation and arrest.