Rockdale County Schools outlines coronavirus reaction plan

School officials nationwide, and right here in Georgia, are taking steps to reduce the chance of a coronavirus outbreak on their campuses.

Rockdale County Schools Superintendent Dr. Terry Oatts posted a letter to parents on the district website

School district spokesman Cindy Ball said, "We can't help what's out in the community but we can do what we can within our schools and school system to educate people, to make sure we're using the right cleaning products, and to make sure we are staying in touch with the health department for the latest changes."

Ball told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes, the school district has a close relationship with their local health department and started focusing on coronavirus when COVID-19 cases emerged in China

"That's when we started looking internally at what we have in place and preparedness, planning and response and putting measures in place."

Like school districts nationwide, Rockdale County Schools is trying to stay ahead of any information coming their way, while remaining proactive.

Routinely cleaning school buses that transport students, and sanitizing school campuses and classrooms is a big part of that effort.

The school district created an epidemiology committee, long before the coronavirus outbreak, focused on reducing the spread of all germs in the school system.

"You know while we didn't know about the spread of coronavirus in the fall we knew there was a heavy seasonal flu about to hit and looking at the way we can reduce all germs among students and staff."