Atlanta couple quarantined during cruise declared coronavirus-free

An Atlanta couple who contracted the coronavirus on the Diamond Princess Cruise last month has been declared virus-free.

Renee and Clyde Smith spoke to FOX 5 on Wednesday night by phone about their experience. They were among more than 700 people who contracted the virus off the coast of Japan. Six people who were on board have now died from the virus.

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For the last month, David Smith has talked to his parents almost everyday day. The couple has spent the last four weeks in a Tokyo hospital with the coronavirus.

“We feel wonderful, especially since we got the good news that we can fly home,” said Renee Smith. “We’ve heard the horrible stories. We feel very lucky because we have underlying medical conditions and we are 80 years old.”

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The Smiths said they managed to beat the odds, oddly without any symptoms.

“We felt fine the whole time. We never had symptoms. We were just stuck in a hospital room for three and a half weeks,” said Renee Smith.

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And while their story may give others hope, it shouldn’t be an excuse to let your guard down.

“Be cautious and don’t panic,” said Clyde Smith. “That never helps anybody.

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“Make sure you wash your hands,” said Renee Smith.

“I just can’t wait to give them a big hug,” said David Smith.