Atlanta couple tests positive for the coronavirus on cruise ship

Renee and Clyde Smith are in a Tokyo hospital after testing positive for the coronavirus while on a cruise ship.

The 80-year-old couple was on the now quarantined Diamond Princess cruise ship.

They did get them to the same hospital and they actually got rooms next to each other. My mom says the nurse is so nice, they moved my dad's bed into my mom's room, so they're actually in the same room now, which is so sweet," said David Smith, the couple's son.

Smith said his two nephews, both in their 20s, are among more than 2500 people who are quarantined on the ship off the coast of Japan.

Smith said his nephews and his parents are doing well.

"They're very active, they're very strong. I think it helps that they're so healthy and active at this point," Smith said.

The Smiths are avid travelers and they've been to all seven continents. Their son said his parents are not going to let this stop them from continuing their travels.

"My mom told somebody that this is just a bump in the road and they're ready to get back to it," Smith said. "They gave up so much for my two brothers and me when we were growing up and I'm glad they're able to travel now and they're really enjoying it."