Woman 'lucky to be alive' after road rage shootout

Toni Reese says she is lucky to be alive after a driver shot up her car along Tara Blvd. in Jonesboro on Tuesday.

"It just happened so quick, gunshots were coming next once he lined up beside me," Reese told FOX 5's Deidra Dukes.

Reese showed us pictures of her mangled vehicle. You can see where one of the bullets shattered her windshield. Miraculously she wasn't hurt.

Fearing for her safety, she asked us not to show her face on camera as she recounted her violent run-in with another driver along the busy roadway.

"Gunshots at my car," she said. "The first one that made me realize what was going on hit my back passenger window.  It came through the glass. Then he sent two more through my side window and police saw another bullet hole through my glass."

Reese told responding officers she was turning onto Tara Blvd off Mt. Zion Road just after 4 p.m. when a Penske truck cut her off.  Reese said she drove up beside the truck and blew her horn. That's when things took a violent turn.

Clayton County Police Capt. Gary Flinn told FOX 5 that the victim"... said the driver of the Penske truck started shooting at them with a handgun. The driver of the car then reached into their car and shot back."

Reese said she managed to fire off one shot from her own gun before the truck and car collided, sending her vehicle into the northbound lane, where she struck two other vehicles.

"And I was trying to get away from the gunshots because he kept firing, there are actually four holes in my car," Reese said. "Witnesses say he actually got out the car and kept shooting at my car."

She said the suspect remained at the scene after the incident, but drove off before police arrived.  

"I think he got out of the Penske truck because he wanted to see if I was dead. He never knew what happened after the car went out of control. I wound up getting out the car because of what happened. I had my adrenaline rush I didn't want anybody to run up on me with a gun, and we were basically on the other side of the road looking at each other."

The suspect is still at large.  Anyone with information in the case can contact Clayton County Police.

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