Reward offered to find suspect in teen's murder

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A heartbroken grandmother is desperately seeking answers after the mysterious murder of her 16-year-old grandson. The Newton County Sheriff’s Office is offering a new large reward to help spur any tips for justice and closure for Quentin’s family.

“He got shot right here so we had his vigil right here,” said Teresa Foster as she pointed to mementos in front of her Covington area home.

The candles, Teddy Bears and flowers were from a prayer held after Quentin Martin was shot at the same spot in late October.

“We don’t have a clue that’s why I’m so angry I’m so angry and I don’t really know what to do but cry,” said Foster.

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Newton County investigators hope a $5,000 reward will lead them to the killer or killers.

“We’re talking about a kid, 16-year-old, lost his life, had a bright future,” said Deputy Michael Gregg of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

He said someone shot Quentin and his coworker who was dropping him off at the home around 11 at night Wednesday, October 24 after leaving work at this nearby Zaxby’s.

She is out of the hospital, recovering.

Quentin died at the hospital.

“Someone took it upon themselves to gun him down,” said Deputy Gregg.

He said robbery was not a motive.

Quentin’s grandmother told FOX 5 News he had a bright future ahead.

“He made good grades. He went to work,” said Foster.

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He also played basketball at Alcovy High School and was on his way to becoming a pilot she said.

All this after Quentin saw his mother murdered by a neighbor about a decade ago Foster said.

Foster adds Quentin and his two younger siblings were being raised by she and her husband at the home where he last saw life.

“I should not had to bury my grandson it shouldn’t be like that he's supposed to have buried me,” said Foster.

Now Teresa Foster lovingly tends to Quentin’s memorial, vowing to leave it in place until his killer is caught.

“You’re a coward I mean really. I just need closure I don’t have closure,” said Foster.

Anyone with information on the murder of Quentin Martin is asked to contact the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Contact Captain Freedman at 678-625-1445 or the anonymous tip line at 678-625-1585.

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