Retired MARTA train cars to be submerged to boost coral life

(FOX 5 Atlanta) (FOX 5)

Eight retired MARTA train cars are going from the rail lines to the ocean.

The cars will be submerged off the coast of Georgia near Savannah.

MARTA's board of directors recently approved a $2.1 million contract for the project.

The hope is to provide a new habitat for sea creatures by producing more coral life in a stable growing area.

Kinkisharyo International will dismantle two unused MARTA rail cars this summer. The process involves dismantling the rail cars to their shells, cleaning them, and removing spare parts.

They'll be placed at targeted spots in the Atlantic between mid-April and early November as to avoid disturbing the spawning season of the North Atlantic right whale.

The other six will go through the same process next year.