Retired Atlanta Police sergeant leaves $600 tip to help favorite restaurant

A retired officer with the Atlanta Police Department used part of her stimulus check to help one of her favorite local restaurants.

Retired Sgt. Carrie Mills recently ordered take-out from her favorite restaurant in Forest Park, Dai Loi. The order of spring rolls came to $6.21, but it is Mills' tip that left the restaurant stunned.

Retired APD Sgt. Carrie Mills

"Of course they were all masked up and [they] were like, 'Oh no, you've made a big mistake,'" Mills recalled. "And she goes to get my card again to re-run it, and I'm like, 'No, it's for you, it's for you.'"

She left a $600 tip.

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Mills told FOX 5 she and her partner, who is currently with the APD, are not facing the same financial strife millions of Americans are. She said she knows what it’s like to be weeks away from homelessness and wants to help ease the burden on her favorite restaurant workers.

Thank you Sgt. Mills for your service, and for your generosity!

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