Handy list for error-free unemployment claims

Perhaps the most questions we get from viewers is about applying for unemployment these days. Here’s a comprehensive list of things that will keep your claim moving more smoothly for both employers and individuals. 

  • Here are the top filing mistakes for INDIVIDUAL CLAIMS per the Georgia Department of Labor. 
  • Don’t file multiple claims. This will delay the process. 
  • Don’t auto-populate your application. This causes errors. 
  • Don’t try to certify your payments until you’ve received a “claims examiner determination” letter.
  • And, wait to create your PIN after you’ve received verification that your claim has, in fact, been processed.
  • Don’t call or email the Department of Labor. Use this link to check-in: GADOL.

If you are an EMPLOYER, most claims go through this process. Here’s a longer list of things that will help keep your claims moving more quickly through the system. 

  • File claims each week for benefits to be paid to your employees. 
  • Use the department’s Excel template for multi-claim upload.
  • Don’t alter the template. Don’t submit claims for a future week ending date. 
  • Enter the employees’ names first name then last name. That order.
  • Limit the mailing address to 25 characters. Don’t use periods when you abbreviate. RIGHT: #2   WRONG: Apt. 2
  • Report all gross earnings, even from another employer. 
  • If you make a mistake on a claim, re-submit as soon as possible. 

If you’re an employer, here’s a handy list of reminders for your employees. ·  

  • Tell your employees to read the Next Steps for Employees Whose Employers Filed for Them pdf on the GDOL WEBSITE.   · 
  • When you file the first week of claims, they will receive a Georgia Way2Go Debit MasterCard® within 7-10 days loaded with their first payment unless they have direct deposit information on file with GDOL from a previous claim within the last 18 months.·  
  • After the first week of claims, they can expect payment within 24-48 hours of you submitting their weekly claims. ·  
  • Do NOT tell your employees to claim their weekly benefits with GDOL. You are claiming their weekly benefits for them by filing each week.·  
  • They can create a PIN online using Ul Benefit Payment Methods after their claims processed GDOL.·  
  • They can check the status of their claim and payments using My UI (Check My Ul Claim Status).  Their PIN is required.·  
  • They can enroll in direct deposit using Ul Benefit Payment Methods.·  
  • They cannot enroll in direct deposit until AFTER the first claim is processed by GDOL.· 
  • They can reset their PINs using Reset Your PIN.· 
  • They are exempt from work search requirements.


If you are a former or retired DOL employee, call them. They’re looking for you to help them field some of these calls.