Restaurant mistakenly receives backlash after Keith Lee visit to business with similar name

A well-known TikTok food critic’s visit to metro Atlanta over the weekend has the owners and staff at one South Fulton restaurant receiving death threats.

Online personality Keith Lee shared his dining experience at several metro Atlanta restaurants over the weekend—including the Real Milk and Honey located in College Park. The owners of Milk and Honey on Cascade Road told FOX 5 TikTok users have been threatening the wrong business.

"Some people will call and just say we hate you…we’re never going to come there again," Service Manager Michael Hambrick said Wednesday.

In the days since Lee’s viral post detailing a sour experience he and his family had at the Real Milk and Honey restaurant, Hambrick said their phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

The restaurant has received dozens of calls from people unaware that the two businesses, despite carrying similar names, have no affiliation. 

"People consuming thinking we’re giving awful service, or we’re discriminating against people," he explained. "The Real Milk and Honey, which is in College Park, has nothing to do with us."

Hambrick said the calls have ranged from harassing in nature to threats of violence against the staff. 

"They come here for their livelihoods, they’re feeding their families and things of that nature…they don’t come to work to be offended or threatened," he told FOX 5.

Because of the mix-up, he said they’re down about $4,000 in sales this week.

"It has affected our numbers greatly…we thrive in the business of knowing we have great and exceptional service," Hambrick said. 

Lee took to social media to try to clear up the confusion—condemning the threats and revealing his family also faced threats.

While Hambrick said they appreciated Lee’s efforts, they’re hoping business will bounce back soon. He said they haven’t yet filed a police report, but South Fulton police told FOX 5 they are looking into the threats. 

In response to a request for comment on the threats, a spokesperson for the Real Milk and Honey Restaurant said: "It’s unfortunate this situation has gotten extremely out of hand. We do not condone such drastic measures towards anyone…it’s also unfortunate people aren’t fact-checking before creating false narratives."