Restaurant burglarized 3 times in 9 days

Clayton County Police say a family owned restaurant in Jonesboro is being targeted by a crook. Police believe the same man burglarized the Kung Fu Express restaurant on Tara Boulevard three times in nine days.

Surveillance video shows a man behind the counter of the restaurant July 15th, emptying all the money in the cash register into a bag. The owners say it was hundreds of dollars. Police say he took off, but came back 90 minutes later and stole $4,000 worth of meat from the freezer.

Police say nine days later, on July 24th, the same man is seen on surveillance video taking hundreds of dollars from the cash register. This time he even took the tip jar on his way out.

The owners of the restaurant are frightened and plan to add more security to keep this guy from coming back a fourth time.

Regular customer Maddy Malhotra says it's a shame someone is preying on this family owned business, when they're just trying to make a living. “Whenever I come here she's really nice, and her daughter, and the husband, they're always helpful,” says Malhotra.

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