Residents upset by uptick in car break-ins

South Fulton Police are investigating two car break-ins in a neighborhood near an Amazon warehouse, where a dozen of other break-ins were reported. 

Neighbors say thieves have gotten increasingly bolder because the neighborhood has few streetlights, but they say they caught on quick, and have started to light up their own homes.

Most people who live in the High Grove subdivision, where South Fulton and Union City connect, have lived there for years.

Most neighbors spoke to FOX 5 anonymously, but were passionate enough to say something about what they call an uptick in crime on Upper and Lower Elm Streets.

"We're taxpayers. We pay management. We need to be protected in the neighborhood," one of them said.

South Fulton Police say they are investigating two car break-ins. One happened on March 29. The other was on March 21. They bookend dozens of car break-ins at the Amazon warehouse on Derrick road.

FOX 5 reported about that string of smashed car windows earlier this week.

Since then, Amazon and Union City Police have said they will step up security efforts. That warehouse is not even a five-minute drive from the High Grove subdivision, where neighbors now want more police patrols for their community.

South Fulton Police say they have communicated with Union City investigators and have upped patrols in the neighborhoods surrounding the warehouse, but they say the best thing you can do to avoid a smash and grab is to keep valuables out of your car.

Anyone with information about these break-ins, give South Fulton Police an anonymous call.