Dozen of car break-ins at Amazon warehouse in Union City

Union City Police are investigating a series of car break-ins at the Amazon warehouse on Derrick Road. A gun is among the stolen items. At least two of the workers there say they have quit because of it.

"I will not be back," Victoria Mitchell said.

The Amazon job was going to be her side hustle and she started training the day of the car break-ins.

"My first day at Amazon, this is what happened," she said, pointing to the cloth tarp covering her now shattered car window.

Sometime late Sunday night or early Monday morning, thieves smashed car windows and doors at the Amazon facility.

"Anyone can get in. No check-in. No license check, cards," she explained. "Anyone's getting in and there's no security."

Cell phone video shows the droves of cars with burst out windows. Workers counted about 20 targeted cars. Union City Police confirmed at least three people filed reports. 

Police in jurisdictions across metro Atlanta including Atlanta, Gwinnett and DeKalb, urge drivers to remove valuables from their cars.

"I go to the car when it's time to clock out. My window is gone, my gun is gone, my purse is gone. All my valuables are gone," she said.

Other workers have reached out to FOX5 and say this is not the first time there were car break-ins at the facility.

"I heard people saying this happened 'a couple months ago,' and I'm thinking, 'So, this is going way back,'" Mitchell said.

"If they knew that we have a problem with break-ins, why didn't they send an email out before [new employees arrived] to the parking lot," she asked.

FOX 5 did reach out to Amazon to determine whether they plan to increase security on the property. 

"We're working with local law enforcement as they investigate this and similar vehicle thefts in the area," Amazon spokesperson Sharyn Ghacham said in a statement. "In the interim, we’re adding additional security officers to our site and evaluating other measures to further enhance security."