Residents terrified by gunfire in southeast Atlanta

City leaders are demanding changes from a Southeast Atlanta apartment complex, after gunmen fired shots in and around the complex, two nights in a row.

"[I] run into his room and grab him, and run into the tub," said resident Natasha Thomas, who tried to protect her son when bullets flew into her unit at the Trestle Tree apartments. She showed us where a bullet went through her window. "I would have lost my mind if my baby got hit," she said. 

Police said they arrested one person responsible for the shots fired into cars and apartments Monday,  and said 911 calls reported shots fired in or outside the complex Tuesday, but could not find where they came from. Police said they've stepped up patrols in and around the complex.

City Council Member Carla Smith said she's requested an emergency in-person meeting with the Monroe Group, which manages the complex off Confederate Avenue SE, and told FOX 5 by phone, the complex must keep its premises safe for residents and nearby neighborhoods.

A spokesperson for the Monroe Group said the complex has doubled security, fixed its gates for vehicles, and will collaborate with school and city leaders to strengthen partnerships for safety; the apartment complex also plans to release a security plan and distribute it to all the residents.

A meeting between management and city leaders will happen next week, the spokesperson said.