Residents reject rumble strips on Rockaway Road

Some Senoia residents are complaining about noise from recently installed rumble strips at the intersection of Heritage Pointe Parkway and Rockaway Road. Upset neighbors said they can hear the noise inside their homes at all hours of the day.

Daniel Demko’s house sits about 50 yards off Rockaway Road in Senoia’s Twin Lakes subdivision.

“The noise reverberates through the house from those rumble strips,” said Demko.

A Coweta County spokesman said the strips were installed as part of an ongoing effort to improve safety along that busy stretch, and said they have been given no instruction to make changes, but the discussion is ongoing.

Demko’s wife circulated a petition in an effort to have the rumble strips removed after they were installed late last year. “You are here in the morning, you go crazy. We can’t even sit in the patio back in the evening because it’s just so noisy. Our neighbor said the same thing. So, we are hoping something will be done."

We spoke with several of Demko’s neighbors. They did not want to go on camera, but all the residents whose houses sit near Rockaway Road, reported hearing the noise inside their homes.

Demko said, “The rumble strips are just a very bad idea.”

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