Report: Atlanta traffic no longer among the worst in the world

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Here's some good news for Atlanta commuters, the amount of traffic is getting better.

In 2018, Atlanta was listed as the fourth most congested city in the U.S., but new data from Inrix Research shows Atlanta has fallen to No. 11.

Inrix measures time lost due to the traffic congestion and found Boston, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and New York City are now the top four most congested cities.

But even if Atlanta traffic is getting better, Inrix finds that Atlanta drivers lose an average of 108 hours a year because of congestion – four and a half days.

The cost per driver is around $1,500.

The DOT attributes the drop to some of the construction projects meant to improve mobility throughout the state.

"It takes new infrastructure. It takes people changing their commute habits – whether that's carpooling or teleworking," DOT spokesperson Natalie Dale said. "It takes more transit. It takes everything, but we're beginning to see slowly but sure the benefits of what we've been doing for the last five years.

DOT leaders also point to the Major Mobility Program – 11 major projects in the state that are meant to improve mobility and reduce congestion in the next decade.

Across the globe, Atlanta is ranked 71st. Moscow, Russia holds the top spot as the most congested city in the world.