Rabies case in Newnan neighborhood

Animal control officials in Newnan are warning residents to be alert for suspicious animals after an isolated rabies case. 

It happened in the Woodrow Place neighborhood. Officials say there is no current indications of a wider outbreak, but they are closely monitoring the situation. 

Rabies is a serious viral infection that affects the central nervous system of mammals, including humans. It is typically transmitted through the bite of an infected animal. Early symptoms in humans include fever, headache, and general weakness or discomfort, followed by more severe neurological symptoms. 

Tips for preventing rabies

  • Vaccinate Pets: Ensure that your pets are up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations. This is the most effective way to protect them and, by extension, your family. 
  • Avoid Contact with Wild Animals: Do not approach or handle wild animals, even if they appear friendly or are behaving strangely. 
  • Secure Your Home: Make sure that your home and yard are secure to prevent wild animals from entering. Close off any potential entry points and remove attractants like food and water. 
  • Educate Your Family: Teach children the importance of staying away from unknown animals and to tell an adult if they see an animal acting unusually. 

What to do if you encounter a suspicious animal 

  • Stay Calm and Keep Your Distance: If you see an animal behaving unusually or aggressively, do not approach it. Instead, calmly move away and maintain a safe distance. 
  • Report to Authorities: Contact Animal Control or local authorities to report the animal. Provide as much detail as possible about its location and behavior. 
  • Seek Medical Attention if Bitten: If you or someone you know is bitten by an animal, seek medical attention immediately. Rabies can be fatal if not treated promptly. 

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