Quanell X says family member of Derion Vence knew details of where Maleah Davis' remains were

Quanell X told FOX 26 who all he feels should be held accountable in the death of 4-year-old Maleah Davis.

The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences has positively identified the remains found in Arkansas on Friday as those of 4-year-old Maleah Davis. The cause and manner of her death are pending.

Authorities were able to find the remains just hours after Derion Vence, Maleah Davis' mother's ex-fiance, confessed to Quanell X that Maleah is dead. He said it was an accident and that he dumped her body in Arkansas.

During an interview with FOX 26’s Jonathan Martin, the activist said he believes Derion Vence and Brittany Bowens should be held responsible, but he also says another person knew where the little girl’s body was.

“I believe that Derion has to be charged with murder,” he said. “He has to be charged with taking the life of young Maleah and held absolutely accountable for that. This man had no remorse. None whatsoever when I sat down and talked to him. I believe that Brittany has to be held accountable also. Brittany helped cover up abuse and I think she has to look at the bigger picture. Your child lost her life because as a mother you failed to protect that baby.”

But X also says there is another person that knew about where Maleah’s remains were.

“I believe that there is one family member of Derion who I’ve already told them who I believe this family member is, from my conversations with that particular family member also, that he knew where the body was placed, and that he helped hide Derion out from authorities so they couldn’t speak to him. And I believe he knew about the whereabouts of where Maleah was,” X said.

X says Vence’s story was questionable from the beginning.

“I knew from the very beginning that the story that Derion was telling was a concocted lie. Anybody with common sense would know that no Hispanic gentleman would kidnap and beat him up, take Maleah but leave him with his own baby. Didn’t make a lot of sense at all,” he said.

He also commented on being called the “spokesperson” for Brittany Bowens, saying, “I was never actually the spokesperson for the mother. I was always the spokesperson for the truth of what happened to Maleah. I never took a side in this. I always wanted to do whatever I needed to do to make sure I would find what happened to Maleah and where she was.”

X says he gave Bowens the benefit of the doubt, until more details came out.

“It took me working very closely with the mother, spending a lot of time with the mother, and if I believed she was innocent about something, I would tell the world she was innocent, but when I found out that there was much more to it. And that she helped cover up legitimate real physical torturous abuse of her own child, I knew then at that point that at some point I was going to step away. And I wasn’t going to hide what I had discovered and found out,” he said.