Publix announces new service dog policy

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Publix is taking a stance against dogs. You can still shop with service dogs but they can’t go everywhere. 

A manager at Publix says people are using these carts not only for food, but for animals. But new signs inside are hoping to change that. 

A new sign now greets customers when they enter Publix.

“Obviously if there's a sign on the front of a store, then there has been complaints,” said Luke Stevens, of Winter Garden.

The sign states “ For food safety reasons, only service animals that are specifically trained to aid a person with disabilities are permitted within the store. Service animals are not permitted to sit or ride in shopping carts.” 

Jo McGinnis works with service and therapy animals, and she gets it. She says the ability to take service dogs anywhere is often abused. 

“They take them into restaurants. I have five dogs. I know what hair is in my food and I don't want it at a restaurant,” said Jo McGinnis, of Lake Mary.

She also says people often lie about whether their animal is a legitimate service animal. When she sees dogs at grocery stores, she wonders, ”Are they a service dog or are they a comfort dog? Because almost always they're a comfort dog and then they say they're a service dog. Therapy dogs and comfort dogs do not have legal rights.”

One manager told FOX 35 the signs just arrived at the Publix on Lake Mary Boulevard Thursday.

“I don't have any issue with that. I would support that policy,” said Jack Murdoch, of Lake Mary.

The manager tells me the policy isn't new, but you'll probably start seeing more of these signs at Publix stores.