Protesters seek investigation of DeKalb County Jail

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A small group hoping DeKalb County Commissioners will investigate conditions at the county jail ran into some roadblocks.

The five protesters gathered outside of the government building Thursday afternoon. They say they gathered 300 signed petitions.

“We're going to go inside and talk to the board of commissioners today and again, demand an immediate investigation into the conditions in the DeKalb County jail, and we'll accept no less,” says Estevan Hernandez with Party for Socialism and Liberation. “Their conditions are deteriorating, that their diet inadequate, that they're being harassed, that they have to deal with mold. The conditions are inhumane.”

The group planned to meet with the board, but it doesn't hold its next meeting until May 28th. Workers made the group turn around.

On Wednesday, FOX 5 News spoke exclusively with Sheriff Jeffrey Mann about ongoing claims and protests.

“It's totally without credibility,” says Sheriff Mann. “

The sheriff also says if there are true complaints about his jail, protocol is not being followed.

“To this day, we have yet to receive any complaint filed to the appropriate office about their concerns.”

A larger group of protesters marched to the mail on Wednesday night. The sheriff's office says they block streets and brought traffic to a standstill. At one point, there was a clash between protestors and police. In the end, the DeKalb County Police arrested four people.

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