Protesters pack Atlanta City Hall over officer-involved shooting

Unhappy with the explanation from the Atlanta Police Department, protesters are demanding some answers from city council members about an officer-involved shooting.

Watching over the raucous meeting, were about three dozen police officers inside and outside the building.

The demonstrators are upset with law enforcement’s account of what happen in the parking lot of the Atlanta Public Safety Annex Building located in the 3400 block of Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway.

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According to investigators, two Atlanta Police Department officers drove to the facility to complete administrative duties. When the two detectives came into the lot, they reported smelling marijuana. They walked over to a car in which Deondre Phillips was sitting. The young man at first got out of the vehicle as he was being questioned, but then police said he abruptly jumped back in and tried to drive away.

There was a gun seen on the floorboard of the car and one of the detectives had his body partially inside the vehicle, according to a written statement.

Police said Phillips had a lengthy criminal history, but a lawyer for the family countered stating Phillips was only arrested twice when he was 17.

One protester at the meeting asked city council members how Phillips ended up dead for something that may have normally ended up only being a fine.