Prince William County parents burned boy's hands, made him kneel on sharp objects, police say

The parents of a 10-year-old boy are facing child abuse charges after police say the boy knocked on the door of a house in Prince William County – over a mile away from where he lives - asking for food.

The incident was reported on Tuesday when police say they were called to an address in the 12700 block of Aden Road in Nokesville, Virginia.

Officers say the homeowner called them when the boy knocked on the door asking for something to eat. When officers arrived, they say the boy appeared to be suffering from injuries to his body. They also say his clothes were dirty and ripped.

Police determined he walked from his house located in the 12800 block of LeMaster Drive, which was over a mile away.

Detectives said their investigation revealed the boy's parents had forced him to kneel on sharp objects for extended periods of time and would burn his hands on a hot stove as forms of punishment.

“Our investigation revealed that the parents would actually take his hands and burn them on a hot stove or cause him to kneel on sharp objects as what they believe to be forms of punishment for that child,” Officer Nathan Probus with Prince William County Police Department said.

His parents, identified as 35-year-old Walter Enrique Flores-Chiquillo and 28-year-old Barbara Margarita Ramirez Del Cid, were arrested on Wednesday and face felony child abuse charges.

The boy was placed into protective custody with Child Protective Services and taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Police say additional charges were pending and both parents were being held without bond.