Powerball fever hits Georgia along with Alabama residents

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The Pilot store in Tallapoosa was a busy place Wednesday night with mainly Alabamans crossing into Georgia to buy their shot at big money.

“It’s the closest place to buy lottery tickets and anytime it hits over about $300 million I get in the car and make a run for the border,” said Heather Ellis who drove in from Anniston Alabama.

WATCH: Folks from Alabama line up for a chance at big Powerball jackpot

And that they did, Alabama plates dotted the parking lot of the Pilot store. Many folks told FOX 5 News they drove in more than 100 miles because their state doesn’t have lottery.

It may be an obvious, but not a given with the odds of winning the $403 million jackpot at 292 million to one. There are millions of reasons for players to have an approach with their lucky numbers.

“I have a little routine going so, my daughter throws some numbers in, I throw numbers in,” said Reginald Haywood who was in the Tallapoosa area on a job from New Jersey.

The odds for Powerball increased purposely when the game changed its formula in late 2015, giving players like John Hannah from nearby Bowden Georgia more numbers to choose from.

“I can’t win unless I play right?” said John Hannah. “Who knows, buy me a new car. Yeah, buy her a new car,”

New car, new house, new life, take your pick. This tenth largest Powerball jackpot would have a one-time lump sum pay out of an estimated $244 million.

“Maybe I’m that one lucky number, it only take one. It only take one,” said Gwendolyn Taylor.

If no one wins this Powerball, the next jackpot is predicted to grow to nearly a half a billion dollars, not quite the record jackpot of $1.6 billion in January of last year.

The numbers Wednesday were 52-10-61-28-15 and the Powerball was 2. The Powerplay was x2.

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