Pornhub plows Boston, NYC streets for free during East Coast snowstorm

Photo: Pornhub/Twitter

The big East Coast snowstorm has many residents hunkering down in their homes trying to stay warm while the snow falls outside, and the plow truck drivers are busy. But adult entertainment company Pornhub wants to help.

According to posts on Twitter and Instagram, Pornhub has branded plows out on the roads in both Boston and New York City, and they're offering to plow roads for free upon request.

Yes, really.



According to Boston magazine, there are about two dozen Pornhub plows making their way around the city. To find one on-demand, all residents have to do is ask. Requests are being taken at but they're not plowing driveways, a spokesperson told the magazine. They're also asking fans to tweet using the hashtag #pornhubplows.

Yes, really. 

Pornhub’s VP Corey Price told Boston the service is being offered because most cities have likely maxed out their snow removal budget, and the company wants to help.

Yes, really.

Heavy snow was still falling Tuesday afternoon in Boston, and high wind warnings were also in place in much of eastern Massachusetts. More snow fell outside New York City than in it, FOX 5 NY reported, after the storm shifted slightly west. Points north and west of the city saw much more significant impacts from the storm.