Police: Woman attacked in bread aisle of store

A brutal attack inside an Atlanta Walmart store has left a woman scared for her life. The woman asked FOX 5 News not to reveal her name or age in telling her harrowing story.

She said she was going down the bread aisle at the Walmart store on Howell Mill Road on Sunday when she came face-to-face with another shopper.

"She said 'I'm trying to get some bread white [expletive],'" she said. "So, I said, 'No, you're the [expletive].'"

The woman said that's when the woman attacked her, punching her repeatedly in her face.

"You never think something like this would happen to you," she said.

The woman told FOX 5 News, the attacker dropped her cell phone by mistake in her shopping cart. According to Atlanta police, they were able to unlock the phone, get the woman's name and a still image from the store's surveillance cameras.

"I hope they find her and she gets punished," she said.

Authorities told FOX 5 News they have a photo lineup they plan on showing the victim as early as Wednesday.

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