Police warn about THC-laced candy in Johns Creek

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Police in Johns Creek are warning parents to beware of certain candy. Investigators said it looks just like the ones bought in stores, but it is actually filled with THC, the main mind-altering ingredient found in marijuana.

“When I first saw what we seized yesterday, I was completely shocked. I went out to the stores and got some of the real thing to compare it to it looks exactly like what you’d see with your kids,” said Johns Creek Police Captain Chris Byers.

Byers said officers found two pounds of marijuana and more than 20 pounds of edibles at a home this week.

“Everybody, just within the police department, that have seen this have said ‘Man, this looks like the candy my kid eats,” said Byers. “[It is] just a huge, huge fear for us that this stuff is out there and kids could get ahold of this and parents not know what it is.”

Byers hopes by bringing awareness, parents won’t be caught off guard.

“These things are out there they need to be looking out for these,” said Byers.

Police said one person is in custody and is facing possession with intent to distribute charges, but more arrests and charges could be on the way.