Police: Teen brothers charged with murder of Lithonia woman

DeKalb County police have arrested two teenagers after a woman in her 60s was found shot and killed in a Lithonia home Friday morning.

Investigators spent hours at the home on Whittondale Road.

Friends and neighbors say the victim's name was Debbie and she was a longtime resident of the neighborhood.

“We called her Aunt Debbie and she has been in our lives forever. She’s my grandmother’s best friend. She’s part of our family,” said Stephanie Jorgensen, a friend of the victim.

She said she was shocked to hear what happened.

"She was just a real good person, so I don’t see how anybody could hurt her," Jorgensen said.

Police say Debbie's Honda Accord was stolen from her home.

Jorgensen said a neighbor found Debbie's wallet in the yard. They called police when they went over to the house to return it.

As the investigation unfolded throughout the day, detectives turned their attention to a neighboring house.

A detective tells FOX 5 they served a search warrant there and questioned a 16-year-old.

Saturday, police say they've arrested a pair of 15-year-old and 16-year-old brothers for the murders. The brothers have been charged with murder and burglary and, at this time, will be charged as juveniles.

“It’s just a sad day here. This is a close-knit neighborhood. Very family-oriented," said Kevin Hall. He said he got to know Debbie because she lived next door to his aunt.

Friends say Debbie lived alone after her husband passed away.

They say they’re heartbroken that their friend’s life was taken in such a violent way.

“She deserves answers and we need to find who did this. She did not deserve this," Jorgensen said.