Police step up search for serial sexual predator in Mechanicsville

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Atlanta Police canvased the Mechanicsville community in southwest Atlanta Wednesday hoping to turn in more leads in their search for the man sexually assaulted at least three women and one young girl last year.

Wednesday afternoon, officers with Atlanta Police’s Special Victims Unit went door-to-door with a sketch and fliers of the man they believe is responsible. Officers also stopped people on the street to see if they have seen or heard anything suspicious.

The commander of the SVU spoke to reporters gathered at Burney Park off Windsor Road, just a few blocks from where all of the victims were attacked. 

“All of the victims were alone. He operates while they are outside..which means he is bold and very violent,” said Lt. Andrea Webster.

A few residents told FOX 5 News they were grateful to hear police were stepping up their active investigation into the cases.

“If you know who this man is, you need to speak up because there are lots of women and children around here,” said Rachel Harper, a mother of a 6 year old.

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Police said the man has tried to sexually assault or rape four women, including one minor, and ambushed them with a gun.

Investigators said the man raped one of his latest victims early in the morning on Dec. 27 around the 400 block of Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard, as she was exercising while wearing headphones; police said the man forced the woman at gunpoint into the bushes and raped her.

Police said all the victims were walking alone either in the morning, or late at night, and some other victims were able to escape the man, when they screamed for help.

Atlanta Police believe the rapist could live in or near Mechanicsville. That's why officers are going door to door, passing out fliers, hoping someone might know him.

“We need the public's help. We need tips and we need people to be vigilant—looking up and around at their surroundings—not with their heads buried in their cell phones. We need people to be vigilant,” said Lt. Webster.

Anyone with information is asked to call Investigator W. Walters at (404) 546-2652, or wwalters@atlantaga.gov.

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