Police: Slider criminals are getting caught, locked up

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Police tend to know who has been committing parking lot crimes. They do it over and over. Now, metro area law enforcement can report progress in slowing down the slider criminals.

That is the term whereby a pair of thieves pulls up alongside your car, usually at a gas station, and watch to see if you are paying attention. One of the thieves then slips into your unlocked car to snatch items or potentially take the vehicle if the keys have been left inside.

WATCH: Slider crimes are down... for now. Here's the reason...

Major Wade Yates, with the Fulton County Police Department, credits stepped up patrols in and around gas stations and shared information among agencies for an increase in apprehensions.

Fulton County, for example, identified 22 offenders. One half of those have been caught and judges are keeping them locked up, at least for now. 

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