South Fulton police search for missing teen girl, mother fears the worst

A teenage girl is missing. Lameiya Buchanan disappeared on July 15. Her mother fears the worst. South Fulton police believe she’s in imminent danger.

The days and nights are agonizing for Shericca Owens. 

"It’s hard. It’s really hard,’ Owens said. "I find myself crying, can’t sleep, can’t focus."

Owens’s 14-year-old daughter disappeared along Cascade Road near Fulton Industrial in South Fulton.

"She went to work with her father," Owens said. He fell asleep. "She ran away when he fell asleep."

Owens has not Lameiya since that time. 

"She’s 14 years old and there’s so much out there she’s not prepared for," Owens said.

To make things is more terrifying, Lameiya lives with mental-health challenges. "She suffers with bipolar (disorder) and depression," Owens said. And she’s not taking her medication. It can be "very dangerous because she’ll have episodes."

Owens fears someone may be holding Lameiya against her will. "She has texted me before saying she wants to come." That was on July 28. Then the messages stopped. "For her to text and say she’s ready to come home and then no response, I believe something is wrong."

South Fulton police said Lameiya is in danger. "It’s a possibility that she may be with some people who do not have her best interest at heart," said Lt. Ebony Bullock. "If she is being sex trafficked, we would like to get her the best resources to help her overcome such a situation."

Owens just wants her daughter back. "Lameiya please come home whatever it is we can work it out. I just want you to come home, safely please."

Police said Lameiya has run away before. Right now they’re working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Police believe she’s still in the metro area. Call the police or 911 if you have any information on where she may be.