Police say woman stole vintage fire truck

A woman, accused of stealing an antique fire truck months ago, has been arrested.

Cocoa police detectives said 60-year-old Stephanie Carder-Gallon stole the vehicle from a neighborhood last October, during Hurricane Matthew, as she looked for scrap metal. 

"This is a very big mistake. I work at Patrick's Air Force Base," said Carder-Gallon, as she appeared before a judge. "I'm not a violent person. I don't commit these crimes. I never stole a fire truck."

According to police,  Carder-Gallon arranged to have the vehicle towed to a scrap yard and received $300 for it.  The owner of the fire truck, Charles Fischer, called police when he realized the truck had been taken.  He said a friend later spotted it online for sale. 

"Was cruising through the Facebook Market Place, looking for car parts, and happened to come across a listing for my fire truck that was being auctioned off by an auto salvage shop," he said.

Police went to the salvage yard and found the fire truck.

"The suspect in this case probably didn't see it as an antique piece; they saw it as a way to get quick cash," said Cocoa Police spokesperson Yvonne Martinez. "For the victim, it's a collector's piece something that's near and dear to his heart."

Fischer said the 1950s-era fire truck has been used in parades and has been part of many fond memories.

"I want to see her held accountable for her actions," he said.

Fischer said he spent $500 to tow the truck back to his business after it was stolen. He hopes to get his money back.