Police say store clerk shoots and kills man trying to rob business

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Police say when a masked man tried to rob a liquor store in DeKalb County, the clerk pulled out his gun and didn't hesitate to use it. The clerk wasn't hurt, but police say the masked man was hit three times and later died at the hospital.

Alwyn Noronha was behind the counter at Happy's Package Store on Rockbridge Road Tuesday evening. He was the only one in the business when he says a masked man with a hood came in.  “He came in with his gun drawn and jumped over the counter. He shot first so I fired back,” says Noronha.

Dekalb County police have identified the gunman as 22-year-old Emmanuel Henry. Police say they had three active warrants out for him for armed robberies. 

Police say the gunman fired off at least 5 rounds. The clerk wasn't hurt, but the gunman was hit three times. Police say the gunman ran out of the store and made it about 50 yards before collapsing. He later died at the hospital.

Andre McGee is a regular customer here. He says he's not surprised by the quick actions of the clerk. He had no idea who he was messing with. Alwyn is a real nice guy until you go to pushing him over. This is his business, he's not going to let them come in here and take it,” says McGee.

WATCH: Raw video from the shooting

Noronha says he did what he had to do, but never wanted anything like this to happen. “I didn't want to take a life, even though people say it was justified. I reacted instinctively and in self-defense, but it is very unfortunate I wish it had never happened.

Investigators say the gunman was 22 years old and has likely been involved in other armed robberies in the area. His name has not yet been released.

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