Police: Riverside father used toddler as 'baseball bat' to beat woman

A father used his toddler as a "baseball bat" to beat a woman, according to Riverside Police. It was all caught on camera!

It all started on Thursday, when a young woman wearing a long shirt and flip flops crouched behind a pillar in the Riverwalk Montecito Estates.

She took off her sandals, finding another spot.

Four minutes later, the man she appears to be hiding from, walks into frame, holding a toddler.

All of sudden, the man Riverside police identified as Techhoak Lim flings his year and half old son to the ground, then walks away - before picking him up again.

Detective Jerilynn Czobakowski says she's investigated many child abuse cases - but nothing like this

"It catches your breath. And then you're like 'huh" and then of course you're angry," said Czobakowski.

The man gestures to the woman- who is NOT the child's mother.

Then he comes after her. The man slams his child to the ground, then grabs him.

Police describe him as using him like a baseball bat to beat the woman before thrusting his toddler to the ground again.

The woman runs off. The man takes off in the opposite direction.

The child runs after his father.

The neighbor who lives nearby heard a loud argument. He checked his surveillance camera and realized the entire thing was caught on tape, leading police to arrest Lim.

Nicole Walker lives a few streets away. She was relieved learning Lim was arrested.

The DA's office is now filing child abuse charges But Walker is frustrated learning Lim was released on bail.

Police say the child was covered with cuts and bruises He has since been reunited with his biological mother.