Police release photo of 2 women wanted in attack

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Atlanta police have released a photo of two women who investigators believe attacked, robbed, and stunned a woman with a Taser when she tried to do a good deed for the two strangers.

The woman was approached by women outside of the Publix on West Peachtree in Midtown Atlanta. The attack happened around the corner on Peachtree Street while she gave the women a ride, according to the victim.

Atlanta Police said the woman parked outside the store on the Spring Street side last Monday night when two women approached her and asked for the time. She responded “8:25.” Then officers said the pair asked for a ride around the corner to their car on Peachtree Street. The woman told investigators she agreed because it was raining and she felt bad for them. But once there, the victim told officers the woman in the backseat stunned her in the neck with a Taser. Meantime, the woman in the front passenger seat tried to shove her out of her own car. The three tussled. And moments later, the dangerous duo snatched the victim's key out of the ignition, got out and ran.

Descriptions of the attackers are slim. But investigators describe one as a black woman with long, twisted hair and neon-colored nails.

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