Police: Man was stealing knives from store to give as Christmas presents to kids

A Floyd County man was arrested after being accused of trying to shoplift a number of knives from a Cartersville store.

It happened last week around 9 p.m. at Academy Sports store on East Main Street. When officers confronted him, police said 36-year-old Jordan Wynn Bryant told them the knives were going to be Christmas presents for his children.

Police said they were called after an employee went into the men’s restroom and heard what sounded like someone opening plastic package in the handicapped stall.

Police said when officers responded, they found four knives on him, all out of the packaging. The knives included one highbrow compact knife, two flatiron aluminum knives and one kettlebell knife and bar. The price tag on all of these $145.

The store was also left with a large plumbing bill after police said Bryant tried to flush the packaging.

It turns out this arrest led to another discovery. FOX 5 News has learned Bryant has a number of outstanding warrants throughout state of Georgia including Floyd and Bartow counties as well as a probation violation in Columbia County.

Police said they are glad officers were able to take him off the streets, especially the lengths he went through to obtain the knives.