Police identify two bodies found in a car at Atlanta apartment

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The two people found dead in a car in an apartment complex off Fairburn Road have been identified. 52-year-old Charles Veasey and 59-year-old Debra Martin were the two people who were discovered dead on February 25 in the back seat of a silver Kia Forte, according to the Atlanta Police Department.

The car was parked next to several other vehicles in front of one of the buildings at The Retreat at Marketplace on Fairburn Road.

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Despite the strong odor of decomposition, police say no one noticed the bodies inside the vehicle until Saturday, February 25.

"There was nothing unusual about how the car was parked so nothing would have stood out until you got closer and could smell the decomposing bodies," Lt. Hampton said on February 25.

"The state of decomposition is really a problem. We can't positively ID these two and we can't find any injuries that would explain their deaths," He added.

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Investigators spent the afternoon talking to Neighbors to try to determine how long the car had been parked and if the two people inside lived at the retreat. But neighbors have plenty of their questions as well.

"I just hope the police are able to solve this soon. Those are somebody's loved ones. Their family members are going to be really hurt by this. It seems like you can't be safe anywhere anymore," said one concerned resident who did not want to share her name.