Police identify contents of fake Percocet pills

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Authorities in Houston County are investigating at least seven overdoses in 48 hours this week. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation revealed Friday that the pills contain cyclopropyl fentanyl.

The Warner Robins Police Department issued a warning Tuesday about a possible strand of tainted Percocet, believed to be the cause of several overdoses that left patients on breathing machines.

The GBI says it is unknown how the human body will react to this drug since it is not intended for human or veterinary use.  

Investigators said the pill looks different than previous reports of the fake drug because it's white in color and looks similar to real Percocet. However, the fake pills are "thicker and glossier," according to police. 

The patients involved in this week's overdoses were found unresponsive and barely breathing. According to police, the patients are between the ages of 25 and 60-years-old.

"At this time we believe the fake Percocet pills are obtained on the street and urge the public to stop engaging in the purchase, selling or ingesting of this dangerous drug," Warner Robins Police said. 

Anyone with information on the fake pills is asked to call police at 478-302-530 or Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 478-742-2330.