Police arrest 5 men suspected of drive-by shootings in Griffin

Five suspected gunmen in multiple drive-by shootings were taken into police custody late Wednesday evening.

Spalding County Sheriff's deputies and Griffin police officers made five arrests after hearing about 30 gunshots back-to-back.

FOX 5 spoke with the family of a 78-year-old whose home police believe they targeted.

Investigators said they've seen a rise in drive-by shootings recently and the five people arrested Thursday are not even from the Spaulding County area. 

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Christopher Walker, 25, of Flovilla (Spalding County Sheriff's Office)

Officer believe they may be connected to a drive-by shooting at a 78-year-old woman's home.

Her family said she's not planning to stay inside that home for the foreseeable future.

"We haven't slept," Picosa Berry said following the shooting at her grandmother's home. "Nobody can sleep. She's just nervous. She's a wreck." 

Magnolia Berry's family said they're all still shaken up days after they say someone fired more than 10 bullets into her Griffin home.

Video of Tuesday morning's gunfire along North Fifth Street was shared with FOX 5.

"She just keeps saying why did they do me like that. She hasn't really gotten up, but she hasn't gotten any sleep either," Berry said. 

Thursday morning, Griffin police arrested 19-yearold Deontrez Shivers, 25-year-old Christopher Walker, 26-year-old Jeston Morgan, 21-year-old Gregory Gee, and 20-year-old Devin Brown, who they believe might be connected to the drive-by shooting at Berry's home.

"It does give us some comfort," Berry detailed. 

Just before the men were taken into custody, a police officer spotting them inside a car matching the description of a vehicle involved in a drive-by shooting on Jefferson Street around 2:30 Thursday morning.

Someone fired 30 shots and this area is just a few minutes away from Berry’s home.

"It's heart-wrenching to know that there are weapons like that in the hands of these kids basically," Berry detailed.

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A still from body cam worn by a Spalding County deputy during the arrest of 5 men wanted in a drive-by shooting on May 18. 2022. (Spalding County Sheriff's Office)

After a car chase involving area law enforcement, all five were arrested. 

"It's just mind-blowing, unreal," Berry said. 

Deputies found a handgun magazine inside their car and two guns outside the car.

All five were booked into the Spalding County jail.