Police: 9-year-old nearly kidnapped from Universal Studios

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An Illinois man is behind bars in Florida tonight after being accused of trying to kidnap a 9-year-old from Universal Studios in Orlando.

Police say it happened on a popular Harry Potter ride with dozens of witnesses around.

On Sunday afternoon at the locker area next to the "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" attraction, a 9-year-old girl says 23-year-old Jason Michael touched her shoulders and told her to go outside to her mother.

The girl says she "got scared" and ran away.

The report also says witnesses saw Michael "with his hands on the shoulders of the victim" and "heard him tell the girl that 'Mommy was over here," and that she looked "very scared."

The witness reported Michael to staff who followed him and kept him at the attraction until police arrived.

Michael went before a judge yesterday, with his attorneys arguing that his kidnapping charge should be dropped.

The judge gave the state 24 hours to produce probable cause. Until then, Michael stays in the Orange County Jail without bond. 

In addition to the possible kidnapping charge, officers say Michael had 2 grams of marijuana on his person.

He's banned from all Universal Studios properties until further notice.